What is the environmental impact of each $1 that I donate or deposit with Clean Energy Credit Union?

For each $1 in donations that the Credit Union receives, we can accept $14 in deposits from other members. This can be combined into $15 worth of clean energy loans. If, for example, we raise $1,000 in donations, this could allow – and be combined with – $14,000 in deposits. In turn, this combined amount could translate into a $15,000 loan for an approximately 6,000-watt solar electric system (assuming a 30% solar tax credit that results in a 70% loan-to-value) that would generate over 8,000 kWh of solar electricity and prevent over 12,000 pounds of CO2 per year. And as this loan is paid off, the money can be reused and loaned out again and again like a revolving loan fund.