Is my donation to Clean Energy Credit Union tax deductible?

Yes. All donations to Clean Energy Credit Union can be made via the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), which is our 501(c)(3) “fiscal sponsor.” This means that our credit union is a project that ASES supports and which is aligned with its charitable purpose as a 501(c)(3). So, any donation to ASES can be designated to support Clean Energy Credit Union project and 98-99% of your donation will be transferred within the same month. Why only 98%-99%? This is because ASES keeps an administrative fee, which goes towards the staff and infrastructure required to support the Credit Union, which equals 1%-2% (depending on the volume of donations that they process on our behalf). A 1%-2% administrative fee is a very good rate when it comes to 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorships, and we are grateful to ASES for all of their support, encouragement, and assistance in pursuing our shared missions. Click here to learn more about ASES.