What’s unique about Clean Energy Credit Union?

Clean Energy Credit Union represents a unique combination of the following:

  • It’s a federally chartered credit union that:
    • Is a tax-exempt 501(c)(1);
    • Is democratically owned and governed by its members;
    • Has no stockholders;
    • Offers federally insured deposits
  • It’s the only credit union that’s focused solely on clean energy lending and environmental stewardship:
    • This focus is – and always will be – part of our mission and organizational DNA;
    • Every dollar deposited earns interest while being used to help you and/or other members finance a clean energy product or service via clean energy loan terms that are among the best available in the market;
    • We specialize in having clean energy market expertise and an ability to adapt to ongoing market dynamics;
  • It’s one of the few Online/Mobile only financial institutions with:
    • No brick-and-mortar branch offices;
    • Lean operations and low overhead costs;
    • Operational savings that are passed through to members in the form of better interest rates and terms.